Genius Spa & Medi Spa Marketing Vol. I

The Genius Marketing Series is Designed to Help Medical Spa and Spa Owners Implement Strategies That Will Result in Increased Traffic. The Series Includes 12 Modules:

You Will Recieve
  1. 12 Audios 1-hr
  2. 12 Transcripts
  3. Business tools and homework

    Once you purchase the Genius Marketing series, you will have access to a private member page to listen or download the content.
    We invite you to view the content of each module to provide you with more details as to what you will learn.

    Module 1: Genius Marketing and Sales Foundation
    • Customizing your spa marketing plan
    • Knowing your numbers - acquisition cost
    • Your clients' lifetime value
    • Choosing your marketing mix
    • Setting your budget and your sales goals
    • Identifying your CMO, CSO - Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Sales Officer
    • Marketing platforms and tools needed to practice Genius Marketing and Sales
    Module 2: Secrets to Capturing More Prospects and Converting Them Into Clients
    • Where to find more prospects?
    • Content needed to build your prospect list
    • Your offer to gain opt-ins
    • Using Facebook and Pinterest secrets to gain new traffic
    • Look for viral content to reach more people
    • Know your competition and tap into their traffic
    • How to use pixels to your advantage and to generate sales
    Module 3: How to Launch an Effective Facebook Campaign
    • FB Campaign strategy - offer and goals
    • Best way to use images
    • Creating a hook & great copy
    • Call-to-action that converts
    • Landing pages and selling
    • Budget and tracking
    • *Receive a sample campaign
    Module 4: Creating Your Sales Funnels
    • Make your emails rock!
    • Improving your email open rate
    • Educational and promotion email
    • Case studies - Email critique
    • Improving the copy and layout to generate more sales
    • Sample email template - structure
    • Dos and don'ts of email selling
    • Upgrading opportunities in the shopping cart
    • Click funnel map
    Module 5: Making Money with Blogs and Newsletters
    • Why should you blog or have a newsletter?
    • Great content for newsletter and blog
    • Design and responsive essentials
    • Email platforms
    • Positioning promotions within the newsletter
    • Multi-purpose your content
    • Tips to increase engagement and revenue
    Module 6: Hosting Profitable Lunch and Learn Events
    • Why lunch and learn
    • Define the event goals
    • Planning the Lunch and Learn
    • The Invitation, the topic and RSVP
    • Marketing the event
    • The agenda and education
    • The offer & urgency
    • Sales
    • Measuring performance
    Module 7: Converting Leads Into Sales
    • Website, events, advertising campaigns, and leads
    • Email sequences to build relations
    • Call follow-up scripts
    • Direct mail options
    • Converting prospects to sales strategies
    • Selling programs and memberships
    Module 8: Marketing with Gift Cards
    • Why gift card marketing?
    • Generating new clients with gift cards
    • What should the gift offer be?
    • B2B relations
    • Tools you will need
    • Tracking efforts
    • First visit gift card essential protocols
    • Team compensation
    • Sales results
    Module 9: Ready, Set, Action
    • Why video?
    • Creating your YouTube channel
    • What types of videos should you do?
    • Videos you should have on your website
    • Equipment you need to create videos
    • Multi-purpose your video
    • Generate money/sales with videos
    • How to gain video testimonials
    • Vlogging that engages and educates
    • Video samples
    Module 10: How to Write Press Releases and Gain Free Press
    • Why press releases?
    • How to market your business with press releases
    • Steps to write a press release
    • Your media list
    • Building relations with the local media
    • Host a media event
    • Publishing your press release
    Module 11: How To Generate More Qualified Prospects
    • Why Focus on Lead/prospecting Generation
    • Lead Demographics and Qualification
    • Where to Find the Best Leads/Prospects
      • Through the Website
      • Events, B2B Relations, tradeshows
      • Referrals, Cross Marketing
      • Video and YouTube
      • Newsletter, Contest, Sweepstakes, Sponsorships and more...
    • Lead Management
    Module 12: Become a Celebrity
    • Improve your positioning
    • Write articles and a book
    • Be on video
    • Build relationships with local media
    • Become the go-to person
    • Make money with your celebrity status


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