Guest Relations – Receptionists and Patient Coordinator Business Training

A Program For your Medical Aesthetic Practice and Medical Spas

Do you realize that your receptionists or patient coordinators, whatever title you gave them can make or break your business?

Why? Because your guest relations department (what we call them) play a key role in the delivery of the guest’s lifetime journey. Their position includes important responsibilities that could either lead to a lifetime relationship or once and done.

Here are some of their duties and how they impact your medical business.

Initial contact management – a consumer could reach out initially either by email, text, or call.

How they manage those leads, the initial interaction is crucial to the guest’s impression on their journey with your brand.

Conversion from lead to medical spa consultation and first visit – managing this properly could mean the difference between success or failure with your marketing efforts.

The process from lead, to consultation, to medical treatment is a process that must be scripted out and outlined for the team to succeed.

The medspa guest check-in and check-out process – making a first lasting and positive impression enhances the guest experience and strengthens the relationship between you and them.

Contributing value by increasing retail sales and enrolling new medical aesthetics members. The guest relations department makes a huge contribution to the overall success of

your medical aesthetics business. They are a revenue hub that must be measured and rewarded accordingly.

This position is very important to your success. What can you do to improve the performance of the patient coordinators or med spa reception teams? Invest in their success, offer them training to excel, help you grow, and to help more consumers.

Business training material takes time to create and test, that’s why we created the guest relations training program. This program is ideal for any business in the industry. Medical spas, medical Aesthetics, wellness, medical practices, and receptionists! It provides the team with everything they need to help them perform their position successfully.

Imagine a medspa reception department that runs on autopilot because you have a well-trained team. A team that has a full understanding of their role and responsibilities and has all the training tools to help them be the best medspa receptionist/patient coordinator or GR ever!

The program includes:

  • A video presentation and slides - Length: 3 Hours
  • MP3 audio file
  • Manual – structure, systems, scripts, and in a Word document

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