Injectors are great at clinical work, but many need help with the business aspect of their position.

That is why we created the injector manual. In the manual you will find systems, structure, scripts, and strategies to help sharpen the injector’s business skills and set them up for success!

Medical Aesthetic Injector Manual Contents

  1. Your Role as an Injector
    1. Injector Position Description
    2. Your Professional Image and Conduct
    3. Teamwork
    4. Rewards and Recognition
    5. Goals, Targets, and Performance Measures
    6. Compensation and Income Potential
  2. The Medical Aesthetics Menu
  3. Operating Guidelines
    1. Work Schedule
    2. Medical Spa Standards by Area
    3. Product Use
    4. Inventory
    5. Guest Management System
  4. Marketing and Revenue Generation
    1. Effective Self-Marketing Tools
    2. Team Cross-Marketing
    3. Revenue generation
  5. Six Steps to Delivering a WOW Medical Spa Experience
    1. Guest Relations
    2. Pre-Treatment Preparation
    3. Greeting
    4. Building Rapport and Discovery
    5. Recommending Treatments and Home Care with the P.R.I.D.E. System
    6. Schedule Next Appointment and Farewell
  6. Medical Spa Treatment and Product Knowledge
    1. Professional
    2. Retail

The manual is provided in a Word document, so you can customize it and make it your own.


Word Document Business Forms

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