Leap Ahead

Your Medical Aesthetics Business Blueprint for Success
Available In Person & Virtually

If you are feeling stressed, worried about lack of profits, and looking for ways to make your medical aesthetics practice more successful and operate on autopilot, it’s time to discover and implement the Leap Ahead seminar strategies!

The Leap Ahead is one of the most popular seminars hosted by InSPAration Management. Thousands of medical professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world have attended and are now experiencing exponential growth with their medical spas, medical practices, and spas.

You can gain access two ways:

  1. Virtually by watching 12 two-hour modules
  2. A 2-day live event seminar

Either way, you will gain medical aesthetics business strategies, systems, and business solutions to help improve your practice.

What You Will Gain:

  1. Financial clarity and strategies to a healthier practice
  2. Effective marketing solutions
  3. Increased sales and discovering new revenue streams
  4. Team building strategies
  5. Systems and structure that lead to success!
  6. An A to Z successful medical aesthetic business model

Learn How To:

  • Pay the providers on performance – set up forecasting targets and a budget
  • Strategies to market your medical spa economically
  • Improve your recruiting, hiring and team training skills
  • Gain team buy-in on new structure and goals
  • Train and coach the team for improved performance

You’ll Receive:

  • The 2-day program presentation
  • The 12 video modules (virtually) – or in person attendance
  • Forms and business tools

To learn more about the Leap Ahead, go to: Learn More about Leap Ahead

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