Solo-Preneur Budget

Having a budget is crucial, no matter how small or big your business is. Now you can save money and manage your finances by purchasing a customizable petite budget. It’s extremely user friendly.

Simply gather your financial reports and begin entering your data into the colored cells of the excel spread sheet. Your financial categories and line items are clearly outlined to self-calculate, providing you with a clear financial picture. 
Even if You're Solo, You Still Need a Budget! Where Is The Money? Are You Managing Your Finances...Or Are They Managing YOU? Creating a BUDGET is a breeze with Solo-Preneur BUDGET - Improve Your Financial Health!
What You'll Gain

1. A method to manage your finances
2. A detailed budget
3. A financial tool you can reuse year after year
4. A pre-calculated budget template with built-in formulas
5. Detailed categories for each department, identifying number of guests and revenue by department
6. Summarized spa financial ratios
7. A clear financial picture to help you manage your business

Learn How To

1. Create a detailed budget
2. Calculate your financial ratios
3. Budget by department
4. Itemize your expenses
5. Create a financial blueprint for your business

What You'll Receive

1. Audio and visual USB with step-by-step instructions
2. A preformatted and customizable Excel file

*This USB is filled with rich content to help you excel in your career and elevate your performance to a new level of success. It’s time to conduct a personal assessment, identify your professional goals, target your desired income, and become the best in your field!


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