When you get ready to fly somewhere, you arrive to the airport, to board when they tell you to, then take off. But there is a lot that goes into preparing the plane for flying. There are pre-flight rituals and processes that the entire team has to go through to ensure a safe flight.

This applies to business as well. You don’t just buy a couple of medical spa lasers, hire an injector, aesthetician and think you are ready for a medspa/spa business. There are a lot of pre-success strategies that you need to plan and implement to make sure you are ready for a safe flight.

When you implement these systems during your first year of working with InSPAration Management, you will be setting a solid foundation to take off.

The Ready to Fly Plan can take six months or one year to implement. It’s all up to you. It all depends on where you are now and the speed that you want to experience.

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