The Millionaires' Circle for Medical Aesthetics
In-Person Two-Day Event

Is your medical aesthetic business
stuck in the six-digit arena or lower?

If so, it’s time to step into the seven-figure Millionaires’ Circle.

If you are ready to step up, I am ready to help you!

How? By attending the NEW Millionaires’ Circle seminar on August 13th - 14th, 2022.

The Millionaires’ Circle is an in-person two-day event designed to arm you with advanced business strategies to help you move up into seven figures and beyond.

Who Is This Seminar Ideal For?

Medical Aesthetics, Med Spa, & Spa Business owners and industry professionals, Leaders, directors, and managers.

This is a high-level management and leadership seminar designed to help you leave the six-figures arena and enter The Millionaires’ Circle.

What Will You Learn?

During the two-day event, you will learn how to improve the six main areas of your medical aesthetic business that lead to exponential growth.

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