The I.C.A.R.E. COACHING SYSTEM For Medical Aesthetics Leaders

Coaching and Developing a High-Performing Medical Aesthetic Team

Are you frustrated with the lack of team of engagement and bad performance? It’s time to train and coach the team.

This program is ideal for medical aesthetic leaders and/or practice managers.

Learn how to:

Coach the Team Effectively.

What you will gain:

Coaching is the best way to develop the team’s skills.

What you will learn:

The difference between coaching and training.

  • Why coaching pays off
  • Characteristics of a great coach, coaching session preparation
  • Steps on how to implement the I.C.A.R.E. coaching system
  • The tools and forms needed
  • Measuring and evaluating method
  • When to reward and when to let go

What you will receive:

  • I.C.A.R.E. Coaching System Audio & Video
  • I.C.A.R.E. Coaching model
  • System Transcript & PowerPoint Presentation
  • Coaching Forms


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