Become a Published Author & Improve Your Positioning

Write Your Book in One Weekend Business Seminar

Are you a physician, NP, PA, an attorney, an injector, an accountant, an engineer, or hold any other professional position? Or maybe you own a medical aesthetics practice and want to feature your expertise by becoming a published author. If so, the Become A Published Author Seminar is for you.

Writing a book and getting published is a big undertaking but we have eased and perfected the process to get your name on a book easily and quickly.
When you become a published author, you’ll improve your positioning, feature your expertise in your industry and be recognized as an authority in your field. If you want to compete on expertise instead of price, it’s time to become a published author.

What You Will Gain:

Attending the two-day seminar will help you gain a very effective process for writing your book. It’s easier than you think — just ask the people we’ve helped become published authors. As a result, you will grow your business, increase prices, and enjoy more revenue and profits.

What You Will Learn:

This two-day event will guide you through the steps needed to come up with your book outline and the content to position you as a medical aesthetics expert! Learn how to market your business using authority marketing and draw the affluent consumers to you!

What You Will Receive:

  • Book outline
  • Audio files with transcript
  • Book cover design
  • A video on how to market your business using your book
  • Workbook

Here are some examples:

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