The Millionaires’ Circle Business Seminar for Medical Aesthetics
Market to the Affluent, Raise Your Prices & Become More Profitable
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Are you tired of discounting your medical spa treatments and playing price war games with your competition? If so, discover the Millionaires‘ Circle business seminar.

The Millionaires' Circle is a two-day business seminar specific for medical aesthetics practices, where you’ll learn how to attract affluent consumers. The affluent represent 20% of the US population — they are consumers who earn over $100K in annual income.

The fact is that medical aesthetics treatments require consumers with discretionary income. You must market to consumers who are able to purchase your treatments and products. If you are marketing to just anyone, you are wasting your money — which is why you offer deep discounts and deplete your profit lines. You went into business to be successful! Success is achievable if you market to the affluent and implement the T.M.S.P. system.

What You’ll Gain:
When you attend The Millionaires' Circle Seminar, you will gain a proven effective system on how to find the affluent consumers in your community, attract them to you, and entice them to purchase your medical treatments and your products. You will be able to promote more high-ticket programs and generate multiple seven figures in your business.

Learn How To:
Implement the T.M.S.P. system to help you attract qualified consumers who are able to purchase your medical aesthetics treatments and products.

  • Target the affluent
  • Market to the affluent
  • Sell to the affluent
  • Profit from affluent

You Will Receive:

  • The presentation workbook
  • Video modules
  • Forms and business tools
  • The 10 commandments poster to attracting the affluent consumers

Professionals who have implemented the T.M.S.P. system are millionaires, and super successful — you can do the same!


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