Guest Relations Team Training For Your Medical Spa Manual & Webinar

Is your Medical Spa guest relations team order takers or revenue generators?

What we found to be true is that in most of this, department training consists of software, product knowledge, and some customer service skill. Most miss the most important part: how to increase revenue! The Medi Spa Manual offers strategies to turn your department into a successful revenue hub! You will discover department structure, scripts, call management techniques, check in enhancements and check out processes to increase revenue. This is a must for your success library.

What You'll Gain
  • Enhanced guest experience
  • Elevated call to reservation ratio
  • Increased treatment and retail sales revenue
  • Improved medi spa image
  • A boost to everyone’s income within the medi spa and spa

    Learn How To
    • Effectively position the guest relations department
    • Define the goals and responsibilities
    • Implement steps to maximize performance
    • Implement effective call management techniques
    • Maximize sales during check-in and check-out
    • Utilize scripts and strategies to generate more sales

      What You'll Receive
      • 5-hour webinar presentation
      • PowerPoint presentation
      • A manual in a word document to customize


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