For Medical Aesthetics Practices & Medical Spas

Are you looking for investors who will invest in your medical aesthetic practice?

If so, they would want to see a professional business plan to give them confidence in investing in your vision. To do that, you’ll need an investor business plan indicating financial forecasting and Return on their investment.

An investor business plan will showcase Return on Investment (ROI) and offer a compelling description of the company's leaders' experience, commitment, and business acumen. This plan seeks to instill confidence in investors while also getting them excited about what your company has to offer. An investor business plan will show that the company has strong potential to reward those who invest while mitigating risk.

Ideal for: Anyone providers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, anyone who wishes to open a new business by having investors’ financial assistance.  Also, if you are looking to work with venture capitalists, angel investors or private investors that provide funding in return for equity in the company.

Starting at $6,000.00 – up to $500K funding request.

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