Medical Spa Team Building with C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Manual & Webinar

High Team Turnover Rate, Lack of Team Motivation, Stagnate Performance? Discover proven effective strategies on how to interview, hire, and maintain a high performance medicali spa team.

You will learn the innovative C.L.A.R.I.T.I. hiring system and receive valuable techniques and forms including position description, interview questionnaire and a commitment agreement.

Are You Experiencing a High Medical Spa Team Turnover Rate?

Fact: According to a recent survey, most spa leaders have team members who are barely there.
  • 11% are fully engaged
  • 76% are neither engaged or non-engaged
  • 13% felt fully disengaged

Building a high performance spa team starts with the hiring process!

The Blueprint to Medical Spa Effective Team Building

What You’ll Gain
  1. The ability to reduce your team’s turnover rate
  2. An Implementation system to attract and hire the ideal team
  3. Tools and forms needed to implement an effective hiring process
  4. Team selection and standard strategies
  5. A professional and productive team
  6. The knowledge to recruit a high performance team
Learn How To
  1. Assess your current team
  2. Implement effective recruiting tools
  3. Build a team with the C.L.A.R.I.T.I. system
  4. Use effective hiring tools
  5. Avoid hiring dos and dont's
What You’ll Receive
  1. USB
  2. Interview questionnaire
  3. Position description
  4. Commitment agreement
  5. Manual (in a word document to customize)


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