Whether you are venturing into a new business or looking to improve your current one, the Medical Aesthetics Success book contains strategies to help you build or transform Your Business into the Black!

This book contains medical aesthetic success principles to help you implement a proven, effective business model leading to success.

No matter what position you hold within the medical spa industry, you could be a founder, an entrepreneur, or a medical professional. You may be a physician, NP, PA, RN, an injector, any type of provider, an aesthetician, a laser tech, a patient coordinator, a marketing professional or hold any other position, this book is a must-read and a must-have for your success library.

The book is 229 pages and contains four parts and twelve chapters!

Part One – Mindset and Success

  • Chapter One – Ten Principles Needed to Become a High Achiever. Mindset is where everything begins. You will discover the proper foundation needed to become a high achiever.
  • Chapter Two – Implement and Live Successful Habits. Identify your current habits and learn how to implement new habits to live a successful and happy life.
  • Chapter Three – Welcome Change, Adapt, and Innovate. Discover how to welcome change, adapt, and innovate to continually grow personally and professionally.

Part Two – Positioning & Marketing Strategies – Become your Consumer’s Best Choice!

  • Chapter Four – Improve your Expert Positioning. Tap into marketing strategies to help you improve your positioning and become the only choice for consumers. When consumers find you, you only have a few seconds to impress them and entice them to reach out. In this chapter, you’ll discover key factors you can implement to improve your positioning and become the go-to person in your community for medical aesthetics, wellness, beauty, health, etc.
  • Chapter Five – Gaining Celebrity Status and Differentiate your Business with Video Marketing. Today, competition is fierce, more than ever before. To succeed you must differentiate, gain celebrity status, be noticed, and be recognized for your expertise. You will read how you can achieve this status with video marketing.
  • Chapter Six – Increase Revenue with Economical Marketing Strategies. In this chapter, you will discover super economical and easy-to-implement marketing strategies to help you increase traffic to your medical spa and revenue.
  • Chapter Seven – Elevating your Success with Reviews and Testimonials. Today’s consumers check reviews and testimonials before they make their choices. What others say about you matters and could lead to success or failure. You can build your business by tapping into this underutilized marketing strategy by your team. Discover easy ways to ask for and gain testimonials, and reviews and watch more consumers contact your medical practice and increase traffic.

Part Three – Improving your Guest/Patient Experience and Your Retention Rate

  • Chapter Eight – Five Steps to a Successful Client Lifetime Journey. In this chapter, you will discover how to generate a lead and take them through a journey that will result in them becoming a lifetime client. You will be introduced to a super successful business model that will help you move away from an a-la-carte model meaning one client visit and done, into a customized program and then into a VIP member and a lifetime client.
  • Chapter Nine – Touchpoints to Enhance the Guest Experience and Increase Retention. If you want to increase your client’s retention rate, then it’s time to improve your guest experience with touchpoints. In this chapter, you will discover adjustments you can make to your guest experience, so your guests would say “WOW, this was the best experience ever”. Touchpoints can be implemented within all aspects of the medical aesthetics guest experience, leading to higher client satisfaction, increased retention rate, and elevated success!

Part Four – Success Without Being Salesy

  • Chapter Ten – Financial Health – Your Medical Aesthetics Business in the Black
    The subtitle of this book is “Your Business in the Black”. Every chapter was written to help you improve your business and take your business into the black. The heart of your business is the high-ticket sales process. You can have the most beautiful facility with the greatest medical lasers and medspa treatment menu, but if you don’t have a proven effective sales process, you will be in the red. In this chapter, you will discover essential sales to help you and your team become more successful.
  • Chapter Eleven – Tapping into Online Revenue Streams. Today, you have great opportunities to include multiple revenue streams within your business, yet many medspa owners miss out on this opportunity. In this chapter, you will learn how to increase your revenue by implementing a wide range of online revenue streams.
  • Chapter Twelve – Succeeding with a Recurring Revenue Model and a Loyalty Program.
    The information in this chapter will totally change your business and financial health.
    Having a recurring revenue model will give you cash flow security, reduce your marketing cost, and increase retention. Imagine generating six figures per month from only your recurring revenue model. That’s what InSPAration Management members accomplish, and you can do the same.

Reading and applying the content from this book will take your business from red, or grey to BLACK!

About the Author

Dori Soukup is a global speaker, 4-time author, business advisor, and founder of InSPAration Management and MD Business Advisors. For the past 20 years, Dori has perfected the medical aesthetics business model to help professionals like you succeed in the fastest way possible.

The medical aesthetic business model includes systems, structure, strategies, and solutions which are found on Med Spa Biz University. MBU is a private platform where members of InSPAration Management & MD Business Advisors have full access to the entire business model to learn, implement and succeed!

Dori also has two monthly shows. Dori Talks and Meet the Experts are both business educational programs designed to help industry professionals succeed.

Dori and her team have contributed to the success of professionals worldwide through seminars such as the Leap Ahead, the Millionaires’ Circle, Become Published, and the Mastermind Meetings.

We invite you to explore all the educational business tools offered by InSPAration Management to build your success library and reach a higher level of success!

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