A Step-by-Step Process On How To Activate Inactive Medical Spa Clients

If you are looking for ways to increase your medical aesthetic client’s retention and reduce client attrition rate, this product is a must for your medspa or spa success library.

This three-part program will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to analyze your current retention and attrition, and how to implement successful strategies to reengage your clients and gain them back to purchase and repurchase from you.

As a result, you will improve the guest experience, reduce your marketing cost, and increase your retention rate.

The program includes a video presentation, an MP3 audio file, and a PowerPoint presentation document.

What You'll Learn

Part I – Setting the foundation
  1. Why do medspa clients leave?
  2. Steps to conduct an inactive client’s analysis
  3. The cost of attrition and the benefits of retention
  4. Team retention and goals
Part II – The guest experience and retention
  1. Guest experience assessment & retention
  2. Delivering a WOW guest experience
  3. Team training, expertise, and results
Part III. Campaign to Re-engaging Inactive Clients.
  1. Re-engaging inactive client strategies
  2. Reactivating campaign – “Let’s Reconnect” event
  3. Reactivation attendance and sales offer
  4. Maintaining happy clients

This is a three-hour program filled with easy to implement strategies to help you avoid losing clients and what to do to regain them!

This program is ideal for medical spa management and medical aesthetic teams.

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What You'll Receive

  • A 3-hour video presentation
  • A MP3 audio file
  • …and a PowerPoint presentation document!

Everything you need to reactivate your inactive clients!


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