Pricing Your Medical Aesthetics Treatments for Profits
Setting Proper Pricing for Success

Is your bottom line deflated? It’s time to plump it up!
Most medical spa businesses do not generate the profit they deserve due to incorrect pricing. They get carried away with discounts and playing price war games or set price ranges based on their competition. Bad idea. Instead, we created a Pricing Calculator to help you set up proper pricing for all your medical spa treatments to ensure healthy profits. From Botox, to fillers, to laser treatments, your entire medical aesthetic menu will be priced properly.

What You’ll Gain?
This preformatted medical aesthetic pricing calculator is easy to use, and it provides you with the formulas on how to price your medical spa treatments correctly. It takes into consideration all your operating expenses, the team’s compensation, product costs, discount margins for membership programs, desired profit margin and then it provides you the magic price, the suggested price for profits. No more guessing on how much profit you can generate.

Learn How To:

  1. Avoid costly mistakes by pulling numbers out of thin air
  2. Allocate operating cost, compensation cost, and product cost into the pricing formula
  3. Determine a healthy profit margin

What You’ll Receive:

  1. A preformatted Excel pricing calculator
  2. An instruction video on how to use it successfully


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