Secrets To Successful Event Planning

Are You Hosting Revenue-Generating Events? Discover:
Secrets to Successful Event Planning and Learn How to Make Six Figures With Your Next Event!

What You'll Gain
  1. Strategies to plan and market a successful medi spa event
  2. Maximized revenue generation
  3. Buzz in the community
  4. Improved positioning and relationship building
Learn how to
  1. Write an invitation
  2. Plan and prepare for the event
  3. Create your revenue generation strategy
  4. Assign team responsibilities and goals
  5. Implement marketing secrets that will entice your guests to purchase during the event
  6. Set up bartering arrangements
  7. Involve brand participations
  8. Make sales & hit your targets
What you’ll receive
  • An event "To Do Planning List"
  • A video and a 90-minute audio
  • PowerPoint Presentation


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